Hi, I’m Sally and welcome to Beautiful in London!

This blog is where I document my journey to build a beautiful life for myself. I believe we are living in a golden era where success has never been more attainable if you know what you want and go after it!

I’m in my early 30’s and work for a fun law firm that’s growing and my focus is on real estate. I’m not a slave to money do understand how important it is to living a truly beautiful life that one day includes financial freedom.

On this blog we’ll talk about all the topics that are near and dear to my heart. These include legal matters, real estate, personal finance, health living and of course house and home. On top of that, some posts about the city I’m proud to call home, London.

I hope you find this blog inspirational and informative. If you’d like to reach out for whatever reason, please email me – sally@beautifulinlondon.co.uk. I love hearing from readers and others who are proactive about living their best lives.

— Sally