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10 Colorful Shops in Camden Town 

If you ever find yourself in Camden Town, then do know there is a huge selection of colorful shops all there to meet your shopping needs. Truthfully speaking, Camden Town is one of the most unique places in the whole of England. The evidence for it is the mixture of old, new, and futuristic design, venues, and shops.

So, that’s why we’ve decided to give you our list of the top 10 colorful shops in Camden Town that make for an excellent day trip. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Drink Shop Do

At first sight, you won’t know whether this is a bar, a pub, or a shop. To find out, you will have to get inside and lavish in the colorful scenery that is Drink Shop Do.

Located in Kings Cross, this shop serves tea and other beverages during the day and transforms into a bar at night. But Drink Shop Do is far more than a place where you can down a pint or a cup of tea.

The owners regularly host game nights where you can play Jenga or other similar board games, get yourself tattooed, and much more.

Furthermore, everything you see is on sale.

General Eyewear

Are you a fanatic of eyewear? If so, then General Eyewear is the shop for you. Located on Chalk Farm Rd, General Eyewear is a rather vintage-looking shop.

While they specialise in frames and glasses, the owners put a strong emphasis on retro style. This is evident by the aesthetics of the shop, which closely resembles an 18th-century eyewear shop.

And don’t think that their products don’t incorporate this. You can find frames for your glasses that date back hundreds of years. Their service is exceptional, classy, and the reason why General Eyewear finds itself on this list.

Magma Books

While the name of this shop resembles something else entirely, Magma Books is a must-visit shop for anyone that loves a good read.

But like Drink Shop Do, Magma Books has an ace up its sleeve. Namely, books aren’t the only thing they sell. Here, you can buy board games, tote bags, and lots of other things.

If you fancy buying something for the whole family, then Magma Books on Covent Garden is the shop in Camden Town to see.

Victoria Beau

Found on Camden Passage, Victoria Beau is a very stylish and colourful boutique. While the boutique specialises in women’s clothing, there is plenty of men apparel and homewares for you to buy.

But that’s not the best thing about this shop. The thing that makes Victoria Beau so great is the difference in style. Here, you can find clothes from the modern age to that of the Wild West. And the perfect blend of colours is exactly what we’re looking for when on a romantic date.


That’s quite the odd name, isn’t it? But don’t let the name fool you from the fact that this is the shop to visit even if you’re not a busker.

Oddballs is the name of a shop on Chalk Farm Rd that resembles more a sweets shop than anything else. That’s because of the unique and vibrant colours of each product. Not only do these perfectly blend with one another, but also give Oddballs one of the most distinct looks in the whole of Camden.


Camberry is the perfect, albeit not as colourful, shop in Camden for gentlemen that like to dress like the Peaky Blinders. Located on Chalk Farm Rd, Camberry supplies men with the finest velvet jackets and pocket-square suites.

A visit to the shop will instantly revitalise your love for the British country look.

Arthur Beale

When you reach the end of Shaftsbury Avenue, you will come across a shop like no other. Arthur Beale is a store best described as a master of everything boat related. Boat loves can find anything from apparel to items that will make your next boat journey that much lovelier.

And this shop is quite lovely as well. The carefully selected wooden floors and stone walls appeal not only to the average sailor but to everyone. The surprisingly modern feel of the store brings forth an aura of authenticity that can’t be found anywhere else in Camden Town.


Yet another shop in Camden Town that specialises in more traditional and retro apparel as opposed to modern is Rokit. Found on Camden High Rd, the vintage store is a warm welcome to an age long gone.

Both men and women can enjoy some of the finest apparel that dates back to the age of gentlemen and ladies. Here you’ll find jackets, suits, boots, heels, and all kinds of apparel that satisfies your taste for the 60s onwards.


Cyberdog is the most unusual shop in all of Camden Town. For starters, the shop is a massive tourist attraction that gives visitors the chance to witness something truly out of this world.

The shop caters mostly to those that love to rave. But, the shop comes with a twist. Namely, we’re not talking about any kind of rave but cyber rave. Here, the emphasis on colour is so strong that every apparel item is made out of some kind of transparent and glow-in-the-dark shade. As the name probably already gave it up, Cyberdog is a store where you can satisfy the inner raver in you.

James Smith & Jones

And the last shop on this list is one with the most history. The James Smith & Jones is a franchise that dates back to 1830. This particular store can be found on Tottenham Court Rd just past the station.

A visit to the shop will take you back to a time where you used to be a lad running on the streets with your mates. James Smith & Jones is a very classy and timeless shop that has everything you need to remember the past.

Finishing Thoughts

Camden Town has some of the most unique and colourful shops in the entirety of London and England. While this list of 10 might be impressive on its own, there are all sorts of other shops that will meet your expectations.

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