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10 Beautiful Places In London for Sightseeing

If ther is anything London is famous for it’s the magnificent views. Luckily for us, a simple Instagram search and we’ll find the best places for sighseeing the city offers.

But where are these places? Where are these locations? How do photographers find them? Well, we will discuss all that and then some more so make sure to stick around.

Lancaster Street, Notting Hill

There are very few places that are just as colourful as Lancaster Street. The street is famous for its colourful residential buildings that make the city that much nicer. Lancaster Street rivals the likes of Baywater Street and Kelly Street as one of the alternative places the city offers.

So if you’ve ever been to one of those two places, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into with Lancaster Street.

Shad Thames

There is something about aerial walkways that resemble magical and unrealistic places. Truthfully speaking, aerial walkways is what Shad Thames is all about.

This narrow street is filled with them, effectively connecting the opposite buildings. And there is quite a bit of history surrounding this small street. Back in the days when the docks would offload their cargo, the cargo would be taken to the neighbouring warehouses.

Now, these warehouses are transformed into buildings that house both businesses and residents of London. You can find Shad Thames right next to Tower Bridge.

Leadenhall Market

You wouldn’t normally go sightseeing at an old market, but this 1300 market is a landmark that doesn’t serve the same purpose as it once did. Nowadays, photographers go to Leadenhall Market and show us just how wonderfully beautiful this part of the city is.

The historic market is so appealing that hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it every single year. It also helps the fact that Leadenhall Market made an appearance in the Harry Potter franchise as Diagon Alley.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill frequently makes appearances in many London Top 10s, and it makes an appearance yet again. There are few places in London that give you an amazing sight such as Primrose Hill. The famous Hill is best for enjoying a lovely sunset and to shoot a few photos.

If you find the best place, then you’ll have a full view of Regent’s Park and the neighbouring districts. But for the best London sightseeing, we suggest you go there before the sun settles.

Churchill Arms

Churchill Arms is a world-famous pub in Kensington that is solely dedicated to Britain’s World War 2 hero. While Churchill’s political resume lives far beyond World War 2, it is precisely the theme for this pub.

The exterior of the pub looks like something coming out of Harry Potter. There are round 190 baskets hanging round the exterior of the pub, all filled with amazing flowers that celebrate the legacy of the hero. The interior of the pub is even more fascinating.

With a Thai garden-themed interior, Churchill Arms is a fascinating pub that makes the perfect sightseeing location in London.

The Sky Garden

There is nothing like witnessing London in all of its glory while also being round the company of beautiful flowers and a romantic setting. If this is something that sounds appealing, then make sure to visit the Sky Garden in London.

This garden sits on the 43rd floor of the Walkie Talkie Tower and is filled with hundreds of types of flowers. The style of this place resembles an airport, but it’s far from it.

While you certainly fly from there, we suggest you sit down at one of the pubs or restaurants and enjoy a nice day out. Make sure to bring your camera as there’s plenty to sightsee.

Lake Street

If you’re interested in seeing what the London youth is up to, then a visit to Lake Street will be just more than enough to justify your taste for an alternative style.

You can find Lake Street just under the railway of Waterloo as it is an underground tunnel. But what’s fascinating about Lake Street are the hundreds of graffiti that span throughout the tunnel.

This is one place where spraying graffiti won’t get you into trouble. And it is a place that cements London’s alternative scene. Lake Street is very famous and despite the grim-vibe it gets, it’s actually a pretty popular tourist destination.

Baker Street Underground Station

There are few places of interest that are appealing more to photographers as Baker Street station. If you’re on the internet looking for free images of tube stations, then you’ve probably seen a few pictures from Baker Street Underground Station.

But why is this part of the tube so popular? Well, what you’ll see in nearly every photo of Baker Street are the tree lights that lit up the benches below.

These lights are coming from the air ducts just above the benches of the station. The lights illuminate the people sitting on the benches, and it makes for a pretty magnificent photo.

You’ll find pictures of couples sitting on the benches, sleepy commuters waiting for the train and pictures of all kinds of people.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the most visited tourist attraction in the whole of Britain. You can find The Great Hall at the British Museum overlooking many of the visitors. This particular place is no stranger to coverage as it is the first thing that people take a picture of when visiting the museum.

But unlike many other spots on this list, this one is quite famous and makes for an excellent day trip.

Big Ben

What London Top 10 list would be complete without Big Ben? Regarded as one of Britain’s seven world wonders, Big Ben is actually the name of the bell, not the tower itself. The tower holds the name of the Queen as is known as Elizabeth Tower.

But regardless of what it’s called, Big Ben is a place that millions of tourists visit every single year. It is quite possible the most popular tourist attraction London has to offer, only second to the British Museum.

Finishing Thoughts

If you find yourself in London any time soon, make a note of this article as it will give you the perfect London sightseeing checklist. While there are many, many more places of interest throughout London, these remain until this day as the most popular ones.

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